Presentations from BUSD Research Symposium 2017

The Berkeley Research Evaluation & Assessment Department of the Berkeley Unified School District organizes an annual Research Symposium providing teachers, staff, families, and members of the broader Berkeley community a chance to learn about what the research says about educational reform efforts and new areas of inquiry and practice in education. Below are links to presentations that were made at this year’s BUSD Research Symposium in January.

  1. Dave Stevens: Academic Support Index
  2. Mac Cannady, PhD: Critical Science Dispositions and Skills that Evolve in the Middle School Years
  3. Kelly Whitaker, Ph.D. and B.K. Elizabeth Kim, Ph.D.: Implementing TOOLBOX (TM): What are Teachers Doing to Promote the Development of Student Social-Emotional Competence?
  4. Marisa Westbrook, Study Coordinator, MPH Student and Dr. Emily Ozer, Principal Investigator: UC Berkeley Sleep Fitness Study
  5. Cecilia Mendoza, Ed.D.:Denial of Access: The Impact of Linked Learning/California Partnership Academies in Preparing English Language Learners to become College and Career Ready for Post-Secondary Opportunities
  6. DiShawn Givens: College Bound Brotherhood: Interrupting Criminalization of African American Boys in the American Education System
  7. Katharina J. Klakus: Research Proposal: The Psychometric Properties of English and Spanish
  8. Kathryn Mapps, Ed.D.: Learning Time Differentials at the Intersection of Race, Class & Place
  9. Josh De Feo Ed.D.: Trying To Be Normal: The Effects
    of Special Education Identification
  10. Jennifer Falbe, ScD, MPH and Kristine Madsen, MD, MPH: Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption Among Youth in Berkeley
  11. Lehi Dickey: Closing the Opportunity Gap Through Culturally Relevant Teaching
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