45-Day Budget Revision Notification

Click here to view the 45-Day Budget Revision Document.

Click here to view the 45-Day Budget Revision Spreadsheet.

The Governor signed the 2017-18 State Budget Act on June 27, 2017, which incorporated an immaterial change   The 45-day period ends August 11, 2017.

In accordance with this Code, nothing is required to be submitted to County Office of Education.  Any necessary budget revisions need only be made available for public review. 
Staff is recommending that the District meet the requirement by posting the attached schedule of significant changes to the District’s website.


A. Base LCFF Funding will be reduced by $19,638, and Supplemental Funding will be reduced by $3,877 due to reduction in gap funding rate from 43.97% to 43.19%.

B. The District will receive $147 per prior year P2 ADA, or $1,352,182, to be paid in 2017-18. This is a departure from the Governor’s May Revision proposal to delay payment of $170 per ADA until May 2019.

The fiscal impact of the final budget is summarized on the linked spreadsheet.

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