Check Grades and Attendance

All BUSD schools are now using Illuminate to track attendance and student assessment data, and record grades. Berkeley Unified School District switched from PowerSchool to a new student information system at the start of the 2017-18 school year. The new portal is Illuminate Student Information (ISI).

Parents of elementary school students should check with their classroom teacher if they have concerns about grades and attendance.  For more information about report cards, please see Family Guide to Report Cards.

At our middle and high schools there is a new Illuminate portal designed for students and parents/families to be able to log in to check grades and attendance. Students can log in using their email login; no other password information is needed. Information for parents/guardians to be able to log-in is being mailed to each family residence on file.

The change from PowerSchool to Illuminate was made for a number of reasons.

    1. There is now a single log-on to access information and assessment data about students — For staff, this means no need to look in PowerSchool for some things, and Illuminate for others.
    2. The Illuminate gradebook is robust, and (unlike PowerSchool) runs on Chromebooks just the same as it does on a Mac or Windows computer.
    3. Illuminate is certified by the state for teachers to verify attendance electronically. After Berkeley transitions to ISI and the state certifies BUSD, teachers will no longer have to sign attendance sheets each week as they do now.
    4. Assessments done in Illuminate DnA (the data platform teachers have been already using for assessments) appear in the ISI Gradebook without additional teacher work, unlike the cumbersome import required for PowerSchool.
    5. ISI has novel tools to allow staff, such as our resource teachers or intervention counselors, to monitor certain groups of students in a way that was not possible to do in PowerSchool.

If you need access to a computer, contact a public library or your student’s school.

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