Berkeley Research, Evaluation & Assessment (BREA)

2020 Bonar Street, Room 331, Berkeley, CA 94702
Hours: Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Debbi D’Angelo, Director of Evaluation and Assessment
Vivian Wiggins, Student Assessment Specialist, 510-486-9361
Juliet Bonczkowski, Eval & Assessment Analyst, 510-486-9362
Lina Andersen, LCAP Evaluator, 510-486-9342
Sean Poremba, Teacher on Special Assignment, SBA/Common Core, 510-486-9341
Josh ReedTeacher on Special Assignment
Dave Stevens, Teacher on Special Assignment, BHS/College

Not sure who to call? Click here for the BREA Staff List.

About the Department

The department coordinates a range of assessment and evaluation activities, including:

  • Beginning of year class profiles for teachers of grades 1-9
  • Data reports for Principals and School Governance Councils
  • Data reports for Superintendent, School Board and District Office
  • Data presentations to School Board and other groups
  • Support and analysis of district-wide formative assessments
  • Coordination and support for State mandated testing
  • Maintenance of data warehouse (Illuminate)
  • Professional development series open to all BUSD employees

More information on testing in our district is on this webpage.

Want to conduct research at BUSD?

All research applications are reviewed during the school months (August 15th – June 15th) as schools are closed for the summer. You may not receive a final response until school staff return after August 15.

To conduct research, please click here. Note that any research request requesting internal data will ONLY be approved if the researcher agrees to the terms of the data request. (An existing MOU that includes BREA at the evaluator will suffice as long as the BREA staff member was that the meeting.

Finally, if you are working with students under 18 during the scope of your work, parent permission is also required and the teacher must stay in “supervision range” of students outside of the classroom.

Click here for the BUSD data request.

Useful Links:

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Reports to the Board
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Screencast – Parent and Student Access to Practice and Training Tests

Current Research in Education

California School Dashboard video: English | Spanish | Cantonese
BREA Research Symposium – January 2017
AERA – American Educational Research Association
ERIC – Educational Resource and Information Clearinghouse
McREL – Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning

Education Data and Statistics

California Department of Education (CDE) Data and Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics
Educational Results Partnership

CDE Accountability Reporting Sites

Academic Performance Index
Adequate Yearly Progress

Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Students regarding State Testing

Parent Guide to State Assessments
California English Language Development Test (CELDT)
English Language Proficiency Assessments for California