Find your BUSD Zone

A Guide to School Zones

Berkeley Unified School District is divided into three zones for elementary schools and two zones for middle schools (with one magnet middle school). The zones were adopted by the BUSD Board of Education on July 13, 1994.  In 2010, demographic changes and increased enrollment required Malcolm X and Berkeley Arts Magnet to become two-zone schools.

LeConte Elementary School became a district-wide Two Way Immersion School in Fall of 2013, and is now open to students from all three school zones interested in participating in the Spanish/English immersion program.

Zones include:

  • Central – Cragmont, Oxford, Washington, Berkeley Arts Magnet, Malcolm X
  • Northwest – Rosa Parks, Jefferson, Thousand Oaks, Berkeley Arts Magnet
  • Southeast – Emerson, John Muir, LeConte*, Malcolm X

* LeConte offers the district-wide Two Way Immersion (TWI) Spanish-English program for all incoming kindergarteners.

Please note this directory only applies to property located in Berkeley.

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