Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC)

Each year before June 30 the School Board is required by law to pass a balanced budget. Before that happens, there is a six-month process to develop the district’s budget.

The annual budget process begins in January, after the Governor has released his proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning the next July 1. The district begins to develop a budget based on this proposal, knowing that the Governor will release a May Revise — essentially a revision to this January proposal but based on several more months of economic data.

Staff drafts a budget recommendation for the Superintendent, based on the Governor’s January budget.

Since 2008-09, the Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC) has had the responsibility for proposing budget recommendations to the Superintendent, particularly in times of reductions in state education funding or when revenue does not meet projections and budget cuts are needed. The SBAC starts with the staff recommendation for the budget, created by department heads as a starting point for its deliberations. The SBAC is free to recommend changes to the budget, keeping in mind the necessity to pass a balanced budget.

The Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee consists of 17 voting members, with the idea of providing the Superintendent a body of interested parties with a variety of viewpoints. Community representative serve two-year terms after being appointed, and representatives of the bargaining units also have significant history in the committee or in the district.

Eight of the representatives are BUSD staff, including representatives of all four bargaining units, who are joined by eight community members and a student representative. The Deputy Superintendent (CBO) chairs the meetings, which are also attended by the Superintendent, two School Board members and a staff liaison who takes meeting notes.

Superintendent’s Budget Advisory Committee Meeting Information

All meetings are held at 5:30pm at the Berkeley Unified District Office, 2020 Bonar Street, Room 126, Berkeley, CA 94702. Enter through the Addison Street door.

Meeting Date Agenda Packet Minutes
January 23, 2018
January 16, 2018 Revised Meeting Slides
December 5, 2017 Summary of Budget Reductions:
Professional Development:
Non Classified Position Central Office:
First Interim:
Budget Development Calendar:
Legal HR:
Special Education:
November 14, 2017 Department of Health Invoice:
BSEP 2018-19 Projections:
Enrollment ADA:
Legal Expense by Function:
Staffing Positions:
Child Development Fiscal Update:
BSEP Language New Measure:
October 24, 2017 Revised Budget Proposal List:
Nutrition Services Update:
Homeless Non Salary Budget:
GF Legal Expenditures:
Fund 13 Contribution History:
Enrollment and ADA Table:
BSEP E1 Summary:
Board Presentation: Special Ed Update:
Analysis of NPA 2016-17:
2017-18 Teacher Template:
Class Size at BTA:
October 10, 2017 BSEP E1 Summary:
Draft SBAC Staff List:
Multi-Year Report Discussion:
Multi-Year SpecEd Review:
Noon Supervision Staffing Formula:
Unaudited Actuals:
September 26, 2017 BUSD Graduation Costs:
MediCal Administrative Activities:
Multi-Year SpecEd Summary:
Possible Cut Targets:

Meeting information from previous years can be found here.