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Department Overview

Welcome to the BUSD Payroll web page.  This site serves as your source for Payroll information and forms.  As the site is developed, additional forms and calendars will be added.

2018 Tax Withholdings

The new tax withholding limits will be updated for the Jan 31, 2018 payroll with the limited information that we have from IRS.

Any employee who is currently filing exempt will need to fill out a new W4 no later than Feb 15th, otherwise, the withholding status will be changed to single and 0 per the IRS guidelines. Please see the tax information directly from the IRS website.

Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSA’s)

(Also known as 403b and 457 Plans)

The District sponsors two tax sheltered retirement plans for employees to participate in. The Plans are referred to by their Internal Revenue Service Code sections:  403b and 457. Participation in these plans is voluntary.

Both plans allow employees to save for their retirement with tax deferred contributions. Contributions are deducted from the employees pay on a pre-tax basis. This means the employee does not pay taxes on these amounts until they are distributed from their 403b or 457 accounts.

As is common with most things IRS, establishing a 403b or 457, making contributions to, and requesting distributions from the account is strictly controlled by IRS regulations. To assure the District complies with these rules, a Third Party Administrator (TPA) was contracted to review all TSA transactions.  MidAmerica Administrative and Retirement Solutions, Inc. is the TPA for BUSD.

The following documents provide information about BUSD’s 403b and 457 Plans, along with the forms required by the plans.