John Muir in Claremont: Facility Modernization

The John Muir Modernization Project provides building improvements, including a new roof and gutters, new restrooms, more secure classroom door locks, new lighting, marker boards and a fenced trash enclosure area. It also fixed exterior wall and foundation problems, removed a kitchen wall and improved accessibility (drinking fountains, restrooms, signage, exterior entries and path of travel to the cafeteria), and upgraded wiring, cables, and included the installation of LED projectors in every classroom.

The construction contract was approved by the BUSD Board on April 20, 2016, with construction planned for the summer. Completion was delayed after discovery of dry rot lumber and foundation flaws.

The project was approved by the Board on Jan. 15, 2014, and three Site Committee meetings were held. The $4.8 million project is funded by Measure I — a $210 million bond measure for construction, facility upgrades and school safety — that was approved by 77% of Berkeley voters in 2010.


  • Modernized and expanded cafeteria and multipurpose room;
  • New ADA accessible entrances/exits and added campus security upgrades;
  • 2 additional bathrooms in kindergarten classrooms
  • Wiring upgrades, improved wifi, as well as LCD projectors mounted in every classroom