Classified Job Information

In school district lingo “classified” positions are non-teaching positions — ones that don’t require a teaching credential. Teachers are known as “certificated” employees.

Positions like food service workers, bus drivers, secretaries, and instructional assistants in the schools are all examples of “classified jobs.”

Berkeley Unified School District is a Merit System district, which means that it has a Personnel Commission. The Personnel Commission is an independent body composed of three persons who hold monthly public meetings to oversee classified service employment with the District. Like a civil service system, the purpose of the Merit System is to ensure that employees are selected, promoted, and retained on the basis of merit and fitness without favoritism or prejudice.

Applicants who possess the minimum qualifications listed in the notices for positions will complete a written and/or oral examination for placement on an eligibility list from which vacancies may be filled. An applicant’s ranking on a list is determined by his/her score(s). Selection to fill a vacancy is made from the top three applicants ready, willing, and able to accept employment once interviewed by the supervisor of the position. Eligibility lists are in effect for one year.

All open classified Berkeley Unified school district jobs are listed online! Click here to apply electronically.

HOW TO APPLY: Individuals interested in these opportunities must complete an online application by following this link: online here.

TRANSFERS: Permanent employees in the District who have permanency in the individual classes and who apply for transfers will be considered first for these positions. Criteria for selection from among persons holding permanent appointments in the applicable classes are based on seniority, experience, and programmatic needs.

APPOINTMENT FROM ELIGIBILITY LISTS: If there are no permanent employees in the individual classes selected for these opportunities, selection will be made from among eligible on employment lists for the classes.

CLASSIFIED JOB DESCRIPTIONS can be found at this link.

TEMPORARY APPOINTMENTS: When no employment lists exist, temporary appointments may be made from among individuals who possess the required skills, abilities and knowledge for the class. District employees and other persons who receive temporary appointments to classes must participate in the regular application, examination and selection procedure before receiving permanent appointments to one of these positions. Employees do not retain the absolute right to return to their vacated positions upon expiration of temporary appointments. It may be necessary, for the good of the District; to fill said positions with permanent placements. Employees do, however, retain the right to return to comparable positions, possible at other sites.