Ongoing Openings

Interpreter for the Deaf varies SY school sites
School Bus Driver varies SY Transportation Dept.
Instructional Technician – After School varies SY school sites
Instructional Assistant – Special Ed varies SY school sites

Applications for the positions above are taken on an ongoing basis. SY means school year. FY means full year.

TRANSFERS: Permanent employees in the District who have permanency in the individual classes and who apply for transfers will be considered first for these positions.  Criteria for selection from among persons holding permanent appointments in the applicable classes are based on seniority, experience, and programmatic needs.

APPOINTMENT FROM ELIGIBILITY LISTS: If there are no permanent employees in the individual classes selected for these opportunities, selection will be made from among eligible on employment lists for the classes.

TEMPORARY APPOINTMENTS: When no employment lists exist, temporary appointments may be made from among individuals who possess the required skills, abilities and knowledge for the class.  District employees and other persons who receive temporary appointments to classes must participate in the regular application, examination and selection procedure before receiving permanent appointments to one of these positions.  Employees do not retain the absolute right to return to their vacated positions upon expiration of temporary appointments.  It may be necessary, for the good of the District; to fill said positions with permanent placements.  Employees do, however, retain the right to return to comparable positions, possible at other sites.

HOW TO APPLY: Individuals interested in these opportunities must complete an application, which may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources, 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.