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Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Stephen Collins, Manager
Rhonda Cervantes, Administrative Assistant III

Department Overview

The Berkeley Unified School District Maintenance Department has had a positive effect – since passage of a local tax, Measure BB of 2000 – toward improving the overall appearance of each school and other district sites. This progress has been made because of new procedures, additional staff, and improved staff training. It is the goal of the Maintenance Department to provide safe, secure, and well-maintained schools for Berkeley’s children.

Special Taxes

A very brief history about Special Taxes supporting the maintenance of Berkeley’s Schools:
Like most school districts in California, Berkeley Unified was faced with continually reducing its maintenance budget since the passage of Proposition 13. Maintenance and safety needs could no longer be addressed by the skeleton maintenance crew. In November 2000, Berkeley citizens passed Measure BB, a special tax to improve maintenance systems and establish a long-term plan to maintain Berkeley schools. In November 2010 Measure H extended the tax for another 10 years. Measure H generates approximately $5.3 million per year.

Measure H in Action

The passage of Measure BB in 2000 gave Berkeley Unified School District’s Maintenance Department stable, dedicated funding, doubling its budget. Improvements made including:

  • Additional staff was hired, doubling the work force and providing expertise in many trade skills.
  • Training programs were added to the system to continually upgrade staff.
  • To minimize disruption to classroom learning and to provide regular, on-going services, AM/PM shifts were created. Crews during the morning/early afternoon shift perform routine maintenance and handles emergencies, while crews during the late afternoon/evening shift perform preventative maintenance at all of the schools on a rotating basis. This schedule addresses existing and potential maintenance problems more effectively.
  • Newer, safer vehicles were purchased, equipped with racks and enough storage to transport necessary equipment and supplies.
  • Additions to the staff allow for more frequent and comprehensive gardening services to all of the sites.
  • With staffing and equipment/supplies coming into place, the Maintenance Department can now tackle other needs, such as review and revision of contract services, systematic repairs for boilers, ventilation systems, and fire safety record-keeping.

Text of Measure BB of 2000

Berkeley voters renewed Measure BB of 2000 with the passage of Measure H of 2010. Measure H took effect in 2013 when Measure BB expired.

Text of Measure H of 2010

Bond Measure Financial Statements and Performance Audits

Measure H Annual Plan for 2016-2017