BUSD Operations Handbook


Human Resources/Position Control Human Resources
  1. HR Organizational Chart with Contact Information
  2. HR Service Menu 2017-18
  3. Hiring
    1. Classified (Flow Chart)
      • Regular Positions
      • Non-Classified Service (tutors, non-certificated coaches, noon directors, student workers, day-to-day)
    2. Certificated (Contact Evelyn Tamondong-Bradley and Sheila Rose)
  4. Absences, Leaves and Separations
    1. Absence Certificate – Order from Print Shop
    2. Leave Request
    3. Substitute Management System
    4. Special Circumstances Waiver
    5. Separation Form
  5. Evaluations
    1. Certificated
    2. Classified
      • BCCE Performance Review
      • OSS Performance Review
      • BCCE and OSS Classified Evaluation Timeline (Email from Delia Ruiz)
      • Classified Management Evaluation
      • Occupational Therapist Evaluation
      • Sample List of Evaluations Due
  6. Personnel Requisitions
    1. Personnel Requisition Form
    2. Personnel Requisition Form Training
    3. Best Practices
Time Sheets

Flow Chart

  1. Classified Hourly
  2. Certificated Hourly
  3. Substitute Teacher’s Time Report
  4. Independent Study Teacher’s Time Sheet
  1. Requisions
    Flow Chart
    Creating a Requisition in QCC

    • Purchasing Goods
    • Contracts/Consultants
    • Travel and Conference
  2. New Vendors
Accounts Payable
  1. Accounts Payable Flow Chart
  2. Good Receiving Practices – Invoices
  3. Reimbursement Requisitions Flow Chart
  4. Reimbursements for Purchases, Mileage, and Conference Expenses

Flow Chart

  1. Completing Requisitions for Contracts
  2. MOU and ICA Guide
  3. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Form – See Purchasing page
  4. Independent Contractor Agreement Form – (MS Word / PDF)
  5. Amendment Approval Form – See Purchasing page
Field Trip

Flow Chart

  1. Procedures
  2. Request for Approval of Field Trip
  3. Overnight
  4. Special Trip Request and Driver Report
  5. Request for Certificate of Insurance & Endorsements
  6. Permission Slips and Waivers
    1. Student Waiver (Español)
    2. Volunteer Waiver (Español)
    3. Students in Private Vehicle Waiver
    4. Notification to Adults Driving Private Vehicles
Transportation Services
  1. Transportation Guide 2017
  2. Transportation Guide for Special Needs Students
  3. Riding the Bus: Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Transportation Department Contact Information
Nutrition Services
  1. Contact List 2017-18
  2. Universal Breakfast Procedures
  3. Universal Breakfast Program Information
  4. Bag Lunch Checklist
  5. Request Form for Field Trip Lunches
Maintenance, Operations and Facilities
  1. Facility Entry Form
  2. Move Request Form
  3. Facilities Use Application & Permit
  1. Helpdesk
Professional Development
  1. Travel and Conference Requisitions Flow Chart
  2. TIP Professional Development Checklist
  3. Travel Approval Form (Reference Only – Printed Copy in Purchasing Dept)
  4. Travel Approval Form Instructions
  5. Travel Reimbursement Claim Form
Translation and Interpretation
  1. Document Translation Services Protocol
  2. Document Translation Request Form
  3. Spoken Interpretation Services Protocol
  4. Spoken Interpretation Request Form
Budget Oversight
  1. Authorized Signatures to Assist Budget Managers
  2. Donations Form
  3. Letter of Acknowledgement – (MS Word / PDF)

When things start to happen,
don’t worry. Don’t stew.
Just reach for the handbook.
You’ll know what to do.


You won’t have a worry, because you have the guide
You’ll know what to do with the OH! by your side.
You’ll reach for the handbook when you are in doubt
You’ll say “OH! just a minute,” and figure it out!

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