1707 Russell Street
Berkeley, CA   94703
Tel: 510.644.6858 | Fax: 510.644.8983
Greg Williams, Operations Manager
Loren Nakamura, Admin. Assistant III
Joel Swink, Telecom/Electronics Specialist, 510.644.7762

Department Overview

The Plant Operations Department is responsible for preserving every building within the Berkeley Unified School District.  The goal of the District is to provide an effective educational program for its students.  We in Plant Operations work diligently to provide a level of service that contributes to the overall educational program.  Students are more effective learners in a clean, safe school environment.  It is our sincere mission to positively affect the morale of students, staff and parents with our continued efforts to provide the cleanest and safest learning environment.

Plant Operations Department Duties:

Custodial Stations and Training

Plant Operations is responsible for the continuous review and revision of the custodial stations.  The stations are reviewed with the site administrators and custodians to create understanding for administrators and ensure visible, realistic work duties and time frames.  Training for custodians ensures a properly maintained and clean school environment at each site.

Custodial Supplies

Custodial Supplies are ordered by the Department.  This allows control over the types and quality of chemicals being used at the sites.

Uniform Custodial Standards

Uniform Standards have been developed and are distributed annually to Site Administrators and Custodians to create an area of understanding of acceptable cleaning throughout the District.

Office/Department Moves

The Department is responsible for the planning and coordination of District moves.  A pre-move questionairre is being developed so departments can inform Plant Operations of any special needs or requests so they can be considered in the planning process.  A Master Move Sheet will detail all pertinent information regarding relocation information.

Integrated Pest Management

The Integrated Pest Management procedures ensure proper notification of type and time frame for pest abatement while making certain any pesticides used are completely free from risk or threat to human health.  The long term goal is the eventual elimination of all chemical pest control methods.

Recycling Program

Collaborative work with the City of Berkeley Refuse Department has established a working recycling model for most of our sites.  This will teach our staff and students the importance of reusing resources.

District Security Services

Two School Security Officers patrol the District after hours.  They respond to alarms, police inquiries and confirm that our facilities are safe during night and weekend hours.

Telephone and Alarm Systems

Telephone and Alarm Systems are maintained through this office. Any outages should be reported immediately.

Property Management

Plant Operations accepts Facilities Use Permits for rentals of District facilities by groups, public and private.  It is important that any group requesting use of District facilities be directed to Plant Operations.