2020 Bonar Street, Suite 232, Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510.644.6430 | Fax: 510.644.8703
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tom Bollinger, Supervisor
Foroozan Toofan, Buyer

Department Overview

The Berkeley Unified School District Purchasing Office is under the auspices of the Business Services Department. It serves many functions besides purchasing for the district’s schools and departments. It also coordinates the bid procedures, processes all vendor information, maintains asset inventory, conducts disposal of surplus district property and manages the mail delivery and processing services for the District.


To maintain continuity of services and supplies to support various Schools and Departments that enable them to provide their services to our students and our community, to purchase at the lowest cost consistent with the quality and quantity required.


Purchasing services for all District Departments are centralized under the Purchasing Manager. The Purchasing Manager has sole authority under the Board of Education to purchase materials and services for the District. Vendors are encouraged to discuss the District’s requirements for specific products. Do not ship materials or any services without a purchase order number.

The Purchasing Staff are specialists in the commodities they purchase. The knowledge and efficiency of the staff are increased by regular exposure to new products and technology offered by vendors.

Our purchasing staff will gladly answer any questions on specifications, bid or award procedures, and the purchasing procedure in general. The Purchasing staff is encouraged to visit your plant and obtain information on your procedures.

Mailroom & Warehouse

Mail Room Procedures – Driver: Mike Dixon (510) 710-0794

  • All outgoing mail must be in the mail room by 12:30pm in order to be mailed out the same day. It will be processed the next day if it arrives in the mail room after this time.
  • All outgoing mail that needs to be metered should be put in the appropriate bin for metering. Personal mailing goes in a separate bin on the right side and should already have postage.
  • We do not process shipments for UPS so please make your own arrangements for this type of service.
  • Please make arrangements to have your department’s mail picked up daily in the District Office mail room. We have limited space for storage so your cooperation is appreciated.
  • District mail preparation guidelines will be enforced. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in mail that cannot be processed and left with the receptionist at the District Office.

Warehouse – Storekeeper: Leonard Collins (510) 644-6433

  • Warehouse hours of operations: M-F between 7am – 3pm. Anything received before or after this will not be accepted and may be refused.
  • If warehouse storage for equipment, furniture or files is needed, please contact Purchasing Manager (tombollinger@berkeley.net) for space availability. Please make sure to submit a “Warehouse Storage Request” form.
  • All large shipments or orders requiring special handling should be received through the warehouse. Please coordinate with Purchasing in advance to facilitate receiving and delivery of orders to the end user/sites.

Purchasing and Procedures

Submitting Bids to the District

Bids and Quotations: It is the District’s policy to solicit and obtain competitive bids and quotations. All written bids and quotes are due on the date and time specified on the request form.

Sometimes a vendor will spend considerable time and money in presenting his product to an individual school or Department in the hope of making a sale. If you do this, remember that the purchase will eventually be made by competitive bid or quote solicitation and what you spend for expensive designs, demonstrations and layouts does not guarantee you an order. Specifications prepared by schools or departments are carefully reviewed by Purchasing to eliminate undue restrictions and other limitations, which unnecessarily reduce competition, The purchase will eventually be made from the lowest responsible bidder meeting these objective specifications. The help you offer the schools or departments in developing their purchase request cannot be considered when we make the purchase.

Vendor Lists: The Purchasing Department maintains records of existing and interested and responsible vendors. A New Vendor Application form for materials and services may be printed and submitted to Berkeley Unified School District for consideration in purchase transactions.  Applications should be mailed with a brochure or introductory cover letter to Berkeley Unified School District Purchasing Department, 2020 Bonar Street, Ste. 232, Berkeley, CA 94702.

Specifications: Written specifications are used to the bidding process to describe the level of quality required. Unless otherwise specified, all merchandise purchased is new and unused. In addition to the specifications, certain terms and conditions governing purchases are also outlined in the bid form. An award is made to the vendor who meets the specifications, terms and conditions stated, including the delivery requirements, and offers the lowest price. Cash discounts will be considered in the award if offered for 30 days or longer.

Public Works Projects

Notice to Vendors and Contractors Regarding Senate Bill 854 Public Works: All vendors, contractors and subcontractors intending to bid or perform work on public works projects will be required to register, and annually renew, online for the program. Vendors, contractors or subcontractors submitting bids/quotes must be registered as of March 1st, 2015. The requirements to use only registered vendors, contractors, and subcontractors on public works projects valued at $1,000 or more, applies to all projects awarded and paid with public funds on or after April 1, 2015. No bid/quote can be accepted nor any contract or subcontract entered into nor purchase order issued without proof that the contractor or subcontractor is registered, and not listed on the debarment list.

More information can be found at The Department of Industrial Relations website: http://www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html.

Bidders Lists for Public Works Projects: The Berkeley Unified School District has adopted the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting procedures and the Purchasing Department maintains a bidders list in accordance with Public Contract Code 22032.  Requests to be added the Districts bidders list may be submitted using a New Vendor Application for Public Works Contractors.  Applications may be faxed to 510-644-8703 or may be mailed to Berkeley Unified School District Purchasing Department, 2020 Bonar Street, Ste. 232, Berkeley, CA 94702.

Bid Results:  After the due date, bid awards are a matter of public record. Bid result tabulations will be posted as soon as available and may be viewed by following this link.   Written bids, contracts and other project documents are available for your inspection at the Purchasing Department offices – call 510-644-6430 to make an appointment.

Requesting Copies of Public Works Documents:  Requests for copies of public works documents should be sent by mail to Berkeley Unified School District Purchasing Department, 2020 Bonar Street, Ste. 232, Berkeley, CA 94702.

Processing Orders

Shipment: Deliveries in almost all cases are required to be made to the District, FOB destination.

Delivery: Requirements for delivery are specified on all bids and purchase orders. Failure to meet the specified date may cause cancellation of the order and may reflect on the vendor’s performance rating.

Inspection: Shipments will be inspected immediately upon receipt as a condition, quantity and conformity to specification. Variations from specification make a shipment subject to rejection.

Billing: The purchase order number must appear on all invoices, shipping tags, and all correspondence relevant to the order.

Payment: Payment is made to the vendor after the receipt of invoice in duplicate and delivery and acceptance of material in accordance with a purchase order. Partial payments can be arranged if necessary.

All invoices are to be sent to the attention of Accounts Payable Department, 2020 Bonar Street, Berkeley, CA 94702. Departments or schools are not responsible for payment.

Accounts Payable Phone Numbers:

  • Monica McClinton 510-644-6415
  • Diana Bonilla 510-644-6414
  • Richard Andrea 510-644-8919

Minority, Small and Local Business

The Berkeley Unified School District is interested in promoting minority, small and local businesses as an important part of a competitive bid process, which deserve our encouragement and help.

Gifts and Gratuities

The District maintains a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance by its employees, of gifts and/or gratuities from any supplier or potential supplier.

Vendors Calling Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM to 4 PM. Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling (510) 633-6430 Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM and 4 PM.

Disposal of Surplus Property

The District disposes of surplus property by public auction.  Auction notices will be posted on this page as auctions occur.

Standards of Purchasing Practice

  1. To regard the Public Service as a sacred trust, giving primary consideration to the interests of the Berkeley Unified School District by whom we are employed.
  2. To purchase the best value obtainable, securing the maximum benefit for each tax dollar expended.
  3. To avoid sharp practices, giving qualified vendors an equal opportunity.
  4. To respect our obligations and to require that obligations to us and our District be respected.
  5. To accord vendor representatives the same treatment we should like to receive, remembering that they are important sources of information and assistance in our buying problems.
  6. To strive constantly for greater knowledge of purchasing methods and of the materials we buy.
  7. To be receptive to counsel from our colleagues and to cooperate with them to promote a spirit of unity.
  8. To conduct ourselves with fairness and dignity and to demand honesty and truth in buying and selling.
  9. To cooperate with all organizations and individuals engaged in enhancing the development and standing of the purchasing profession.
  10. To remember that everything we do reflects on the entire purchasing profession, and to govern our action accordingly.

When we conduct business with you, it is our desire to have you feel that each transaction has been satisfactorily concluded.

If you would like more information please contact us at (510) 644-6430.