Student Services

2020 Bonar Street, Room 112, Berkeley, CA 94702
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tammy Rose, Interim Manager, Student Services 
Phone: 510-644-6316    Email:
Denise Diggs-Ray, Administrative Assistant II
Phone: 510-883-5224    Email:
Aiesha Lockett, Student Welfare and Attendance Specialist
Phone: 510-644-7775    Email:
Bob Nakamoto, Coordinator of School Based Services
Phone: 510-486-9346        Email:
Sophina Jones, McKinney-Vento Counselor
Phone: 510-644-6529        Email:

Department Overview

The Office of Student Services provides valuable services to students, families, and all of the District’s school communities.  Our departmental overview of services is available in this Menu of Student Services.

The Berkeley Unified School District takes all concerns and complaints seriously and values the concerns of our parents, staff, students and community.  More information is available on the Complaint Procedures webpage.

Several departments and programs operate as a part of Student Services including:

School Attendance

Every minute of a child’s time at school is important. Children who are absent for even one day, or who arrive later than their classmates, miss valuable instruction time and can easily fall behind in school. They also miss important socialization time and fun with their peers.

When a student is absent from school it results in a loss of funding for our district. The State of California does not reimburse school districts for days students are absent. For 2010-2011, the District lost over $2,000,000 in unearned income due to absences.

Student Services staff work with principals, teachers, students, and families to reduce absences, absenteeism, and truancy.

Attendance FAQ (PDF)

Report an Absence