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Riding the Bus FAQs

Since 1965 Berkeley has been operating bus service for Berkeley’s public school children. Steeped in history and renowned for its attention to safety and environmental concerns, BUSD’s Transportation program serves thousands of children every year.

Hundreds of students ride these buses each day in Berkeley. For many of our students their school day begins and ends on the school bus. Whether on their way to school, on a field trip, or on their way home, the school bus drivers in Berkeley take great pride in transporting their precious cargo.

Department Overview

The Transportation Department is under the auspices of the Business Services Division. Home-to-school bus transportation is provided within their attendance zones to all elementary school children who live beyond the one-and-a-half-mile walking distance. It is also provided to certain special education and Two Way Immersion (TWI) program students. Parents who wish to enroll their children in a school outside of their attendance zone must provide their own transportation. The district does not provide transportation for general education students in middle or high schools.

Bus Assignment: Families can find bus assignments located on the front of the envelope, on the label in the mailing sent the week before school starts.

2017-18 Welcome Letter in English

2017-18 Carta de Bienvenida (Spanish)

The First Day of School, and every Wednesdsay, is a Minimum Day: All students will be released at the Kindergarten time on the first day of school (Wednesday, September 2) and all other Wednesdays.  El primer día de escuela es día mínimo (Spanish)

2017 Transportation Guide: Student safety is our number one priority. There are many laws, regulations, federal guidelines and policies that govern the operation of a pupil transportation program.  Important information for families and school site personnel about our transportation service is provided for you in the Transportation Guide.

Transportation Guide for Special Needs Students

School Bus Danger Zone Poster English

School Bus Danger Zone Poster Spanish

School Bus Safety Rules posted in each school bus

School Bus Danger Zones and Safety Tips

Elementary School Attendance Zones

Getting Children to School Safely

Safe Walking Tips

Tips for Kids

Our Fleet and Your Health: Being good stewards of the environment ranks right up there with student safety when it comes to getting elementary school students to and from school. Our skilled bus drivers operate a fleet of 29 school buses that transport up to 1500 elementary students to school each day. The health of our students, community and region is the driving force behind our ongoing successful efforts to control harmful emissions from school buses. Our school bus fleet meets stringent federal air quality regulations for diesel emissions and also includes several Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses. We have successfully partnered with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to upgrade our fleet with more efficient and cleaner burning engines and to retrofit our buses with particulate traps that filter harmful emissions.

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