Riding the Bus

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will my child by picked up and dropped off?       
Specific Bus Stop location and times are mailed to eligible bus riders the third week of August.

New student bus stop assignments are made throughout the beginning of the school year. Transportation Department staff call families with times and locations.

After-school bus requests are made by the after-school programs once your child is enrolled.  We do our best to transport students who attend after-school programs, but can not guarantee this service.  We grant service based on schools in your child’s attendance zone, time of pick-up and available space. Every effort is made to grant requests within these guidelines. In addition, every effort is made to provide for unique scheduling requests.  Special Needs student transportation service requests are made directly to us by our Special Education Department.

Who is eligible to ride the bus?
Elementary students who live within their zone of attendance and beyond the 1.5 mile “walk boundary.”  We do not provide general bus service for middle school students.

How do you keep students safe on the bus?
Our school bus drivers are well-trained. They are dedicated to safety for students. They explain the rules to students throughout the year. Students who behave inappropriately are given Bus Conduct Reports. Serious behavior such as fighting may warrant an immediate suspension. We continue to offer new trainings as they become available through state and national resources: such as the current focus on bullying. Each year all elementary students are given bus evacuation safety guidelines and they practice evacuating a bus. We provide this training for our special needs bus riders as well.

Who can I call if I have questions?
Special Needs Service   Dispatcher Faye Hines                                        510-644-6182
Bus Stop Requests         Router/Scheduler Annette Johnson-Banks   510-644-6182
Safety and Training       Driver Trainer/Field Supervisor Tim Mull    510-644-6182
Administration               Manager, Bernadette Cormier                          510-644-6182