Parent Student Handbook

(includes Complaint Procedures and Forms)

Parent-Student Handbook 2016-17 (includes Notice to Parents):

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The 2016-17 Handbook is also available in sections online:

Section 1: Curriculum and Instruction
1.1 Curriculum Standards
1.2 Report Cards
1.3 Student Assessments
1.4 Promotion/Retention Requirements
1.5 High School Graduation Requirements
1.6 Grading Policy
1.7 Student Success Team
1.8 Special Education
1.9 The 504 Plan for Students with Disabilities
1.10 Procedures for Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Extra-Curricular Activities
1.11 Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
1.12 Title I/State Compensatory Education (SCE)
1.13 No Child Left Behind/Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
1.14 English Language Learners
1.15. Office of Family Engagement and Equity
1.16. Berkeley LEARNS After School Program
1.17 BEARS Extended Day Childcare
1.18. Faculty Meetings and Collaboration Time
1.19 Library Services
1.20 Music Program
1.21 Comprehensive Sex Education and Sexual Harassment Education
1.22 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention Education
1.23 Secondary Bridge Program
1.24 Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program
1.25 Physical Education Program
1.26 Gender Support
1.27 School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
1.28 Counseling Support in BUSD

Section 2: Admissions
2.1 The Enrollment Process
2.2 Enrollment Priorities

Section 3: Attendance
3.1 Attendance
3.2 Absences
3.3 Dismissal Due to Illness
3.4 Truancy
3.5 Student Records
3.6 Emergency Cards

Section 4: Health & Safety
4.1 Student and Family Privacy Rights
4.2 Administration of Medication
4.3 Special Care Plans
4.4 Medical Emergencies
4.5 Immunizations and Other Health Requirements
4.6 School Linked Health Services Program
4.7 Safety Drills and Procedures
4.8 Use of Pesticides
4.9 Nutrition Services
4.10 Sexual Harassment
4.11 Surveillance Cameras at Schools
4.12 Accommodations for a Lactating Pupil
4.12 and 4.13 Addendum: Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Students and Rights of Lactating Students

Section 5: Student Discipline
5.1. Grounds for Suspension and Expulsion
5.2. Expulsion Recommendation
5.3. Due Process
5.4. Safe Schools & Violence Prevention

Section 6: Home to School Transportation
6.1. District Buses
6.2. Discipline Process
6.3. Walking to School or the Bus Stop
6.4. Bicycling
6.5. Driving Your Child to School

Section 7: Technology in the Schools

Section 8: Parent/Community Involvement & Communication
8.1. School Visitation
8.2. Parent Teacher Conferences
8.3. Back to School Night
8.4. Family Engagement and Equity
8.5 Homeless Education Assistance
8.6. Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
8.7. School Site Committees
8.8. District Level Committees
8.9. Website
8.10. Distribution of Materials
8.11. Berkeley Public Schools Fund and Berkeley School Volunteers

Section 9: Policies and Procedures
9.1. Non-Discrimination Statement
9.2. Board Policy 5020: Parents Rights and Responsibilities
9.3. Board Policy 6020: Parent Involvement
9.4. Board Policy 5121: Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement
9.5. Board Policy 5123: Promotion/Acceleration/Retention and Assignment
9.6. Board Policy 5125.2: Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials
9.7. Board Policy 3513.3: Tobacco-Free Schools
9.8. Board Policy 5131.6: Alcohol and Other Drugs
9.9 Board Policy 5131: Signaling Devices and Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement
9.10 Board Policy 5141.21 Administering Medication and Medication Authorization
9.11. Summary of the Sexual Harassment Policy
9.12 Board Policy 5145.7: Sexual Harassment Policy
9.13 Board Policy 5131.2 Anti-Bullying Policy
9.14 Board Policy 5157 Gender Equity and Access Policy
9.15 Board Policy 1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy
9.16 Board Policy 5030.5 Integrated Wellness Policy
9.17 Board Policy 5144.3 Expulsion Policy

Section 10: Procedures and Forms
10.1. Overview of Complaint Procedures and Forms
10.2 Complaint Procedures and Form for Parents, Employees, Residents and Students
10.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures and Form
10.4. Bullying Complaint Procedures and Form
10.5 Williams Complaint Procedures and Form
10.6 Opt-Out of Use of Student Images and Schoolwork
10.7 Opt-Out of Outside Media
10.8 Release and Disclosure of Student Information to the Military and Institutions of Higher Learning And JAMRS Opt-Out Form
10.9 Medical Authorization Form
10.10 Form to Request Accommodations for Students with Special Needs in Extra-Curricular Activities
10.11 Free/Reduced Price Meal Application Form
10.12 Name/Gender Marker Change Form
10.13 Gender Support Plan and Gender Transition Plan from Gender Spectrum

Section 11: Annual Notice to Parents and Guardians
Acknowledgement of Parent or Guardian of Annual Rights Notification

Download 2015-16 Handbook (includes Notice to Parents):

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