School Board

BUSD Board of Education 2017-18

The Berkeley Unified School District Board of Education, also called the School Board, is comprised of five elected directors (also called “members”) and two student directors, one chosen from Berkeley High, and one from Berkeley Technology Academy.  The School Board represents the public’s voice in public education, providing citizen governance over the school district.  The School Board is responsible for employing and evaluating the Superintendent; adopting policies, curriculum, and the District’s budget; overseeing the maintenance and development of facilities in the District; and negotiating and adopting collective bargaining agreements with the District’s four unions.

Members are elected in staggered four-year terms, with two seats on the Board up for election in November of Presidential election years, and three seats in the following even-numbered November election.

Each BUSD school has one or more Board members assigned as a Board liaison to that school. The list of schools and Board liaisons can be accessed here.

Contacting School Board Members:  All school board members have individual email addresses, which are listed below. You can also send one email that goes to all Board members by emailing Elected Board members also have office hours, generally once a month. The office hours for each Board member are listed below. You can also leave a voicemail message for the Board at 510-644-6550.

Ty Alper Ty Alper, President (2018)
Office hours:
Next office hours: January 28, 2018
Last Sunday of every month, 3-4:30pm
Casa Latina
1805 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
Josh Daniels Josh Daniels, Vice President (2018)
No office hours until further notice
Beatriz Leyva-Cutler Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Clerk (2020)
Office hours:
First Monday of the month, 4:30-6pm
Casa Latina
1805 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
If you are unable to meet during office hours please call 510-644-6550 or email me to schedule a time to meet.
Si no está disponible durante las horas de oficina favor de llamar este número si gusta reunirse conmigo o mandar un correo electrónico.
Judy Appel Judy Appel (2020)
Office hours:
Third Saturday of the month, 10am
Cafe Mo’Joe
2517 Sacramento St.
Berkeley, CA 94702
Karen Hemphill Karen Hemphill (2018)
Office hours:
Second Saturday of the month
Cafe Leila
1724 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
Uma Nagarajan-Swenson Uma Nagarajan-Swenson, Student Director – BHS (2017-18)
Kimora Ashby Kimora Ashby, Student Director – BTA (2017-18)


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