Food Allergy Board Policy

BP 3552  

School Lunch Menus: Peanuts and Nut Derivative products

The Board recognizes that creating an environment that is sensitive to the issues surrounding students’ health is a means of assisting parents to safeguard their young child’s well-being. This is specifically important when students have allergies that can be life threatening. Thus, this policy is created with the specific goal in mind to reduce the exposure of elementary students with specific types of peanut or nut allergies.


The Board also encourages families of students with any other life-threatening food allergies to work with school staff to develop a safety protocol appropriate for their child’s medical needs.


Elementary Schools

For elementary school children, there will be no Peanuts or Nut Derivative Products in any of the food items served or available in meals prepared or served by the District’s Nutrition Services Department.


While we can assure our parents that peanut/nut derivative products will not be included in our school lunch menus, we cannot apply the same assurance to items served during after school programs, classroom celebrations or field trips when the food products are not supplied by our central nutrition services department.


Middle and High Schools

Peanuts or nut derivatives will not be used in menu items prepared by Nutrition Services at middle or high school unless they are clearly labeled and students are informed of the ingredients in such dishes.


Parent and School Awareness

We encourage PTA’s and parent groups to be mindful of peanut products when planning events where food will be served We also ask parents to assist the school in the prevention, care, and management of their child’s food allergies and reactions.  Parents are encouraged to foster independence on the part of their child, based on his/her developmental level, so that they can make wise choices of the foods they consume.   To achieve this goal, parents are asked to follow these guidelines:


  • Inform the school in writing of your child’s allergies
  • Provide medication orders from the licensed provider
  • Provide an annual update on your child’s allergy status
  • Provide a Medic Alert bracelet for your child
  • Notify supervisors of before and after school activities, and/or PTA/field trips, regarding your child’s allergy




Adopted:  April 11, 2007

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