Facilities Naming and Renaming

Under Berkeley Board Policy 7310, the Superintendent shall appoint an advisory committee to review school or facility name suggestions and submit recommendations for the Board’s consideration.

Furthermore, the Board policy states that ”the renaming of existing schools or major facilities shall occur only under extraordinary circumstances and after thorough study.”

The current Administrative Regulation (AR) 7310 specifies a process for the review of an existing name before a recommendation is made to the Board to consider changing the name of a facility or school. The AR further states that once a process is underway for one site, a naming/renaming process will not be considered for another site until the completion of the prior process.

Currently, LeConte Elementary School is undergoing a name review process that began in May 2017. For further information, see this page.

The Board encourages community participation in the process of selecting names. However, it is the Board’s sole prerogative to name or rename a school or District facility and the Board may choose a name that was not recommended by the advisory committee or the Superintendent.

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