Berkeley BEARS Afterschool Program

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Aaron Jorgensen, Extended Learning Program Supervisor

The BEARS program provides academic support and enrichment/recreation activities both before and after school.

  • Before School: 7:00AM until the start of the school day
  • After School: End of the school day until 5:45PM
  • Vacation: 7:30AM until 5:45PM

We are open 240 weekdays per year that includes all of Summer break and much of the Winter and Spring breaks (click here for current calendar).

The programs are in operation at seven (7) elementary school sites: Berkeley Arts Magnet, Jefferson, John Muir, Le Conte, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Washington.  Students who attend Thousand Oaks, Emerson, Cragmont, or Oxford can be bussed both before and after school from another site within their enrollment zone (Bus Zones Map).

Academic Support

The academic support component consists of two major elements: homework assistance and academic enrichment activities.  Homework assistance is conducted daily, utilizing both small-group and individual tutoring. Academic enrichment includes: daily literacy activities (group read-alouds and guided, independent reading, utilizing books aligned to student levels), twice-a-week math games and activities (Kidz Math), as well as a variety of science, social studies and computer learning programs (Compass Learning).

Enrichment/Recreational Activities

The enrichment/recreation component offers a wide variety of activities.  These activities are offered by program staff and contracted specialists (many are shared between the BEARS and LEARNS programs).  Multiple sessions are offered per year.  Through our partnership with the City of Berkeley, we are able to offer our elementary school students an enhanced athletic program with organized teams of students from both the BEARS and LEARNS programs.

Staffing and Class Sizes

Each classroom is led by a Child Development Teacher (who has earned either a Child Development Teaching Permit or a Multi-Subject Teaching Credential) and an Instructional Assistant.  The maximum BEARS classroom size of 28 students allows us to maintain a 14:1 student-to-adult ratio.


The BEARS program is funded through the California Department of Child Development and all families must meet both income requirements and must demonstrate a need for care.

Income requirements are set by the state, based on the State Median Income and family size.  Click here for Fee Calculator.  Families that are below 40% of the State Median Income have no cost for care. Nearly all of the students who attend during the school year are considered to be part-time students (less than 6.5 hours per day).  All BUSD students are eligible to participate in the BEARS program, but families whose income exceeds the Fee Schedule limits are required to pay full cost (click here for chart).
Need for care requires that parents provide documentation that shows that they need services for their child.  These are most commonly: a self-declaration of seeking work (temporary, summer only), work schedules, class schedules or disability.  Additional time will be allotted for travel and school work.
If space at the program becomes limited, younger students are given priority over older students; however, most sites are able to accommodate all students K-5.  Concurrent enrollment in both the LEARNS and BEARS programs is allowed so students can take advantage of the BEARS morning or summer programs. Drop-in students are not allowed.


Year-Round Program 2017-2018
We are now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Please select the link below to download an application. They are also available at the BAM, Jefferson, John Muir LeConte, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Washington school sites.

Please submit your applications to:
Hopkins CDC
1810 Hopkins Street
Berkeley, CA 94707

Schedule an Appointment

Once all forms are completed, please contact the appropriate enrollment secretary to schedule an appointment.

For Berkeley Arts Magnet, Malcolm X, John Muir, Washington, LeConte, or general questions regarding enrollment:
Sherita Miller
Tel: 510.644.8938 | Email:
Hopkins Child Development Center
1810 Hopkins Street
Berkeley, CA 94707
For Jefferson and Rosa Parks:
Maria Elena Romo
Tel: 510.644.8939 | Email:
Hopkins Child Development Center
1810 Hopkins Street
Berkeley, CA 94707


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