Oxford Elementary

1130 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94707
Tel: 510.644.6300
Beth Rhine, Principal
Deanna Woods, School Admin Assistant II


Oxford School is a small school tucked into the hillside in north Berkeley with approximately 300 students in 14 classrooms. The small size of the school combined with the excellent staff and the strong support from families makes it a wonderful community.

The teachers at Oxford are committed to educating every child and are very sensitive to students’ individual needs. We offer rigorous and stimulating learning experiences in a nurturing and supportive educational environment. This setting is sustained by the responsible, disciplined attitudes our students acquire through discussion of essential values that teach them to do the right things in their daily living with each other. Our weekly school-wide community meetings explore the nature of empathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness, and promote solid learning progress and strong self-esteem for all students. In addition, Oxford continues to educate with community involvement in mind. Our staff has a keen understanding that what makes this all work is learning to listen to students and working in collaboration with their families.

There are many opportunities for enriching experiences aside from the regular classroom activities and lessons. All our kindergarten through second graders work weekly in our school garden. Students learn to investigate and ask inquisitive questions, which in turn lead them to reflect upon their place in and responsibility for the world. All first through fifth grade students receive weekly music instruction, with 4th and 5th graders getting instrumental music two times per week. All students receive dance instruction from visiting artists from Performing Arts Workshop, learning dance styles such as Capoeira, Salsa, and Chinese Classical Dance, as well as creative movement.  We work collaboratively with Bay Area Community Resources to provide students the opportunity to learn social skills and self-awareness strategies in a small group setting. Oxford has a long tradition of infusing the arts and a concern for humanity and the environment into all aspects of the curriculum.