Rosa Parks Staff List

Paco Furlan, Principal
Alicia Barajas, School Admin Assistant II
Phone: (510) 644-8812

Kids’ Village After School Program (In partnership with Berkeley LEARNS)
Angie Won, Executive Director
Roxann Reyes, Assistant Director
Phone: (510) 883-5228

Berkeley BEARS After School Program
Joan Ludington
(510) 883-5245

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Classroom Teaching Staff

High Fives
Marguerite Talley-Hughes Room 2
Kim Beeson Room 18
Katie Curry Room 20
Lynda Arnold Room 19
Delilah Abramo Room 21
First Grade
Patricia C Desierto Room 17
Gretchen Biehl Room 15
Tracey Iglehart Room 14
Second Grade
Julie Rich Room 11
Shannon Riehle Room 12
Michelle Contreras Room 16
Margot Pepper Room 22
Third Grade
Brook Pessin-Whedbee Room 10
Alison Kelly Room 7
Joemy Ito-Gates Room 13
Matilde Merello Room 9
Fourth Grade
Lisa Billings Room 6
Becky Lum Room 8
Susan Gatt Room 5
Fifth Grade
Diana Almanza Camarena Room 23
Mary A Martin Room 3
David Barba Room 4
Deborah Howe
Nancy Boyles
Roland R Brown
Judy Fendell
Michael Hammond
Aimee Lubalin
Steffanie Schaeffer
Henry Viets
Suzanne Ingley
Shannon Amaral Room 2