Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education Advisory Committee

2017 overview of facilities plans for expanding CTE appropriate educational spaces

Staff and student enthusiasm is running high over a significant expansion of what’s called Career Technical Education (CTE). Unlike the two-track divide that use to exist between academic and vocational paths, Career Technical Education integrates academic curriculum with hands-on experience in job skills needed for the modern workplace.

CTE attracts many different students — boys and girls from all racial and ethnic backgrounds with a diversity of interests and talents, including those planning for advanced graduate work and those seeking careers right after high school.

They’re engaged in:

  • BioTech experiments and internships with industry partners like Bayer.
  • Building robots that are winning inter-school competitions
  • Training with Berkeley firefighters to become EMTs
  • Berkeley Police ride-alongs
  • Producing newscasts and video on the community access channel and BHS website
  • Learning advanced computer skills and programming
  • And much more . . .

Berkeley High’s CTE program has been under development in accordance with a statewide CTE framework, and is now taking a quantum leap thanks to increased state funding. A recent school board presentation (Nov. 1, 2017) provides an updated overview of the CTE program, pathways for students, and collaborations with industry partners.

In the 2016-17 school year the program is supported by: 1.) Full-time CTE Coordinator, 2.) CTE Advisory Committee, 3.) Law and Social Justice Pathway, and 4.) Spending from $5 million allocated for CTE facilities.

Under development: classes in stagecraft, construction and electronic tech, as well as a “makerspace” fabrication lab.

The plan is to feature multiple “pathways” to careers divided among six industry sectors selected according to the needs of the local employers, community and students. Dual enrollment college classes as well as partnerships with local companies, agencies and student organizations enhance the opportunities for students.

Current CTE Pathways (with at least two classes in sequence)

  • Biotechnology
  • Academy of Medicine and Public Service (health science)
  • B-STEP (Berkeley Safety Technical Emergency Program: fire science, EMT training)
  • Law & Social Justice
  • Digital Media
  • Communication Arts and Sciences (computer arts, video production)
  • Computer Science
Planned CTE Pathways (under development)

  • Stagecraft
  • Carpentry
  • Electronic Tech